Don’t Let Calories Haunt You

Calories are the bane of every dieters life. They are the nightmares that haunt every shopping trip and every meal, every day. Yet they have become totally misunderstood and, what’s more, misused in the marketing of diet foods in particular.

However, the good news is counting calories is over! It is an outdated way of calculating what should and should not be eaten, and is often misleading in terms of what is now considered to be a well-balanced diet. Originally designed as a calculation of how much energy a specific food could yield, high calorie foods are now mistakenly used as a warning indicator of how much fat there may be in any specific food. Consequently, many regular dieters are avoiding important foods such as nuts, seeds, oily fish and lean meat, because they assume these foods will make them fatter But the reverse is true, they will actually improve the rate at which the stored fat in your body can be burnt off, and will ensure you have plenty of energy and concentration.

Manufacturers have cottoned on to the fact that many of us are suffering energy slumps throughout the day, and have conjured up a whole range of foods that are supposedly low-calorie and, at the same time, high energy. Yet it rarely happens that a low-calorie food can provide you with sustained energy. A good example of this is low-calorie commercial breakfast cereals, which consist of simple carbohydrates that release their glucose rapidly this makes you feel as though you have had an instant pick-me-up. However, these grains have been refined, removing the very grain and fibre that provide all the energy-rich nutrients you need. To combat this, the manufacturer has conveniently replaced those vitamins and minerals in ‘added’ form to try and put something back, whilst keeping the calories down.

Simply eating a multi-wholegrain muesli or porridge oats will be higher in calories because of their genuine energy-giving nutrients. This is so simple to understand, and yet many are fooled by glitzy advertising claims, promising ‘low-fat, low-cal’. What they exclude from the strap-line is that they are also low-energy

Rather than reading the calories on every label, look at the principles for the PCFF (protein. carbohydrate fat and fibre) plan according to your Body Type and the Eating for Life food programme, and learn how to balance your blood sugar levels to ensure a continuous level of high energy throughout the day. No calorie counting required!

Calories are the bane of every dieter’s life, yet they have become totally misunderstood!

Source: The Diet Doctors Inside and Out

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