5 Rights of the Wife on the Husband

The five rights of the wife on the husband

Faqeeh Abul Lais Samarqandi (rahmatullahi alaih) says, “There are five rights of the wife which are binding upon the husband:

  1. Protecting them and serving them, he should not allow them to go out to work. The emergence of women from the sanctity of the home is the chief cause of sin, Fitnah and mischief.
  2. He should teach them the necessary Ilm-e-Deen. (After the father, this is also the responsibility of the husband).
  3. He should provide Halaal sustenance for her.
  4. He should not be oppressive or excessive on her because she is a trust of Allaah Ta’ala entrusted to him
  5. He should be able to withstand, tolerate and forbear her temperament and temper. (If he cannot do this, then the matter becomes complicated and could result in a divorce which destroys the serenity of the home).”

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