7 Etiquettes Of Hajj

There are 7 etiquette of Hajj:

1. Seek a pious companion as well as pure, wholesome and halal wealth for the journey. Halal provisions will create nur (effulgence) in the heart, and a pious companion will encourage you to perform righteous actions and prevent you from evil.

2. Rove any thought or intention of conducting business during the journey, as this will result in one’s thoughts being diverted. Ones intention must remain clean and pure.

3. Be generous with food on the journey, and speak softly and kindly to travel companions, servants and hired assistants. Keep them happy.

4. Abstain from vulgar, immoral, futile, and worldly speech, and fighting. After fulfilling one’s necessary needs , one should keep one’s tongue moist with dhikrullah and tilaawat of Quraan Shareef.

5. Travel on a simple conveyance so as to avoid showing one’s status. One should present one’s self in the court of Allah Ta’aala in a forlorn, disheveled and dusty state with no beautification. One should be in the guise of a beggar, so that one is not written amongst the proud.

6. At times, (if traveling by animal) descend from the conveyance, and walk. This will please the owner, and give some comfort to the animal. The activity will also keep your limbs feeling lively. Do not burden the conveyance with more than it can bear. Be as considerate as possible.

7. Be happy and pleased with whatever money is spent, and with whatever tiredness and loss one has to endure. One should regard this to be the effect of the acceptance of Hajj, and hope to recieve reward for this.

Tabligh-e-Deen, Imaam Ghazaali Rahmatullahi Alaihi

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