7 Harms Of The Evil Practice Of Bursting Crackers

1. Smog

Particulate matter mixed with smoke from automobiles is choking Delhi enough. During Diwali, the pollution goes up by more than 30% due to bursting of firecrackers. Do you want to choke yourself and others around you more?

2) Fire Accidents

Fire accidents are common in cracker markets. A small spark is enough to set ablaze a whole region, and the accident could damage properties, and claim lives. Why risk your lives?

3) Animals

You might be having the time of your life bursting crackers but there are other living beings around you, less privileged, lacking the ability to communicate the way you do – animals including your own pets. Dogs tend to get confused seeing the sound and light changing in their immediate surrounding.

4) Pollution

The crackers burst not only pollutes by contaminating the air, but also pollutes the land. See for yourself!

5) Child Labour

The story of thousands of child labourers employed in firework factories is not unknown to you. These children working in dangerous conditions often face accidents, sometimes so serious it leaves them crippled for life. Despite safety measures, umpteen number of fire accidents are reported every year from Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu alone. Only way to save these children is to say no to crackers! When the demand dies, supply will die.

6) Crackers Affect Newborns and Pregnant Women

The adverse affects of bursting crackers seem unending. Dr Ashwini Nabar says in an article says the frequent exposure to loud noises during pregnancy might affect the baby in the mother’s womb, though not proven yet. However, it surely affects the mother, she adds. The noise from firecrackers can lead to tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and might last for 24 hours or more depending on the intensity of and closeness to the firecracker sound. Noise from the crackers might also stress pregnant women and prevent them from getting enough rest.

7) Harmful Gases

Crackers often contain elements like copper, cadmium, sulphur, aluminium and barium to produce the vibrant colours once ignited. The harmful gases produced from the bursting of crackers, such as Nitrous Oxide, remains in the air for a long time if the city doesn’t get enough rain or strong winds. Inhaling the fumes emitted by firecrackers increase the chances of asthma attack among patients. Heart patients and patients of chronic bronchitis and low immune system are at high risk too.

The above article is written by a Hindu, Vivek Surandran who himself convinces the Hindu’s to take heed. However this oppressive practice is not restricted to Hindu’s only but also extends across the board to new years day and other non Muslim celebrations.

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