A Dark Display of Mistrust in the Name of the Trustworthy ‘Bukhāri’ Completion

Translating is an Amaanat and Hadhrat Anas Radhiyallahu anhu said,

“Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam seldom addressed us without saying, “He who does not honour Amaanah (trust) has no Imaan”

Yesterday, Jamiatul Ulama South Africa had their Bukhāri Jalsah at Nurul Islam Masjid in Lenasia. Bukhāri Shareef itself is the next most authentic kitaab after the Qur’aan Majeed. Non Muslims such as Montgomery Watt in his book, ‘The Formative Period of Islamic Thought’, have admitted the achievement of Islam and makes a special note of the hundreds of thousands of narrators Islam enjoys and how each one’s authenticity is judged before the Hadith can be declared Sahih.

No doubt the study of Bukhāri Shareef is based upon truthful teachers. Self study of Bukhāri Shareef can never allow one to understand the Ahaadith Mubaarakah that is why the Sanad (the golden chain) plays a major role. Self study, no matter the excellence in the Arabic language, would entail a corrupt understanding bereft of any Sanad (golden chain) and no real inheritance of knowledge can be claimed.

Understanding the role trust plays in this transmission of the Ahaadith Mubarakah, one would have to understand the punishment for those who conceal the truth? What must the consequences be in this world for those who seek to promote the understanding of Ahaadith only in their political agenda? More importantly when an invitation is given to a Sheikh of Ahaadith to complete Bukhāri, the Sheikh understands the treachery that has been intentionally perpetrated in the name of Bukhāri, when the Sheikh understood the corruption and the corrodding of the hearts of innocent seekers and the Sheikh wants to correct this then the translator who supposed to commit to trust manipulates the Haqq to suit his fancies. This blatant crime of changing and concealing the correct translation was perpetrated infront of a gathering of many professional scholars in a BUKHĀRI JALSAH!!

What example does this person who goes by the name of Ebrahim Bham seek to portray for young fresh Aalims. Ebrahim Bham studied the Aalim course but this distrust has been exposed and eyebrows are being raised as to what happened to being a trustworthy heir of the Ambiyaa Alaihimus Salaam? He serves as a major figure for the institution and the secretary general of the representative organisation named, Jamiatul Ulama South Africa and now displays to fresh graduates this dark treacherous deceit.

So the moment we were all waiting for, what was the treachery perpetrated?

Sheikhul Hadith, Moulana Fadhlur Rahman got in touch with his overpowering trust, this was realized, Sheikh Saheb knew that he had to convey the Amaanah of Haqq. Herewith presented to you is Moulana Fadhlur Rahman’s proclamation of the Haqq at the Jalsah yesterday with M. Ebrahim Bham concealing and giving his comments in the mighty trust of translating

🔊 *Advice of Muhaddith e Kabeer Hadhrat Moulana Fadhlur Rahman Azmi Saheb حفظه الله تعالى ورعاه at the JUSA Jalsah 🔊

(Summarised translation)

“Thereafter I resigned from (the role as honorary president of JUSA), my letter of Naseehah to JUSA must have reached you. I don’t agree one bit with this appearing on Television and pictography. The most severely punished people on Qiyaamah will the those who indulge in photography (Bukhari Shareef Hadith). I also strongly condemn the mixed gatherings in the Islamic Schools and other places.People should never think that my attendance here means I endorse the evil being perpetrated by the Jamiat! My only intention of using this platform is to condemn the evils, and offer advice, as I see it as my responsibility.”

Let’s hear the treachery of M. Ebrahim Bham in his translation despite being infront of Urdu/English understanding Ulama in the gathering:

Ebrahim Bham is grappling to translate the Haqq because it would water down all his efforts of baatil in the arena of television, photography and intermingling of sexes.

Moulana Fadhlur Rahman clearly stated why he had resigned from the Jamiat Ulama South Africa due to these major crimes. Moulana warns clearly that, don’t think his coming is because he is ok with all the crimes perpetrated. He mentions clearly how detested these acts are in Shari’ah without speaking of any difference of opinions regarding these issues. Sheikh is Saheb even quotes the Hadith regarding the severeness of the punishment on the day of Qiyamah for picture makers. All this can be found in the previous audio above. Opposed to the reality, M. Bham however makes it seem like it is just a personal opinion of Moulana Fadhlur Rahman Saheb and Sheikh Saheb portrays that is another difference of opinion.

Can our children be trusted at such institutions where clear crimes of distrust is being witnessed in the transmission of ‘Ilm even when translating so what must be the case when giving their own lessons?

Moulana Fadhlur Rahman was invited but it did not work in their favour so they concealed it on their airwaves too!

What kind of role models do we want for Aalim’s of the future?

Do we want them to be praying with Bhuddis, Hindu’s, rabbi’s and priests so that the future Ummah can also be found in these places with the enemies of Allah Ta’aalaa and His Rasullullah Sallallaahu Alaihi wa Sallam?

When the Ulamaa are promoting this then it a matter of time till the rest of the Ummah also engage in such. Look at the idols in the UAE and Saudi Arabia!

Ml Bham engaging openly and friendly with the Bhuddis:


Do you want your daughter to be cursed because these Scholar’s have permitted the impermissible?

لعن الله الناظر والمنظور إليه

Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam) said: Allah cursed the one who looks and the one who is looked at. (Bayhaqi)

Graduates were to be at the highest level of Sidq (truthfulness) and Amaanah (trustworthiness) on this great day were rather presented with that which Allah Ta’alaa and His Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam warned off, namely: mistrust! and especially in the sphere of ‘Ilm.

Amongst the many crimes Moulana Fadhlur Rahman Saheb warned of intermingling, televisionand photography which the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa considers and teaches its permissibility. M Ebrahim Bham changed the translation because:

Is this how we want our future Ulama to openly engage with your daughters and mothers of this Ummah? Is this not shamelessness? Is this not treachery in the trust of knowledge?

Allah Ta’ala bring them back on the Haqq and true teachings of Bukhāri Shareef! Forgive us all for turning away from the true Deen of Islam. May Allah Ta’ala protect us all and give us the ability to introspect, repent and rectify when we are wrong! May Allah Ta’alaa give us a chance to reform before we call the punishment upon ourselves. Aameen!

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