A Sheikh asked Hadhrat Haatim Asamm Rahmatullahi Alaihi: ” How do you perform salaah?”

He replied: “With water i perform the external Wudhu, and with Taubah the internal Wudhu. When I enter the Musjid, I contemplate on entering Musjidul Haraam. I focus on Maqaam-e-Ibraahim being infront of me. I view Jannat on my right side and Jahannam on my left side. My feet are on the Siraat, and Malakul Maut is behind me. My heart is focused on Allah Ta’laa. Then I proclaim the Takbeer with utmost reverence. I stand with utmost respect and recite the Qiraa’t with great awe. I perform Ruku with great humility, and with even greater humility the Sajdah. I sit with great diligence in Qa’dah, and make the Salaam with gratitiude.”

(Extracted from The Saadiqeen)

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