There is no greater source of comfort in this world than Tafweedh (surrender totally to the will of Allah Ta’laa). You will have to search and search till you are dead tired, but you won’t find anything in this world which is more comforting than Tafweez.

Once, Hadhrat Ibrahim bin Ad’ham missed his Tahajjud namaaz. He was saddened by this. The following night he tried hard to stay awake but late during the night he was overcome with such sleep that his Fajr namaaz also became a Qadha. Now he became extremely uneasy and worried. He received Divine Inspiration:” Oh Ibrahim! You have seen the result of your plans, now adopt tafweedh. Sleep when we want you to sleep and stand for salaah when we want you to stand for salaah.” Hadhrat Ibrahim (Rahimahullah) says: “I adopted Tafweez and found inner comfort.”

I saw a person who was an Aalim as well as a civil servant. After he retired he wished to devote himself to the Zikr of Allah Ta’ala and spend his time in solitude. Behold the Qudrat of Allah Ta’ala! After commencing his Zikr and shaghl(a program of spiritual upliftment) his two sons lost his sanity. He was demoralized. Now he was occupied with looking after them. All his solitude and peace of mind were shattered. Some days he could not even engage in Zikr. But an Aarif is not even disturbed in even this case because an Aarif does not decide for himself. As long as Allah Ta’ala keeps him in solitude he stays in solitude.  And when Allah Ta’ala wants him to emerge from his seclusion then he is contented with it.
The actual goal is Allah Ta’ala’s pleasure. Just as that is gained in solitude, sometimes it is in service to creation.Did that person not perhaps gain thawaab in caring for his two sons who became insane? Ofcourse he would have gained. In such a scenario his anxiety was the men’s for his elevation. At such a time peace of mind in seclusion would not have been beneficial to him. In fact, the thawaab received for looking after the sick or mentally handicapped offspring is greater than making zikr in seclusion. Why worry then?

Bear in mind that worry revolves around having a mirage set for oneself and one’s family. We all are caught up in this sickness. We cherish distant hopes. But when our hopes do not materialize then we are stuck with anxiety and grief. Had we not decided on our fate, we would have never been overcome with worry. The Awliya-Ullah enjoy the most comfort and peace of mind. They are not afflicted with worry and remorse at anything because they have not decided a set condition for themselves. In fact, they happily and totally surrender themselves to the Will of Allah Ta’ala. This is Tafweedh and this is what Islam is all about.

This Tafweedh is instructed in the Aayat : ” … and do not die but as Muslims.” (Surah Aali Imraan, 102)

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