Admonition In General

Source : Shariat And Tassawuf

Ameerul Mu mineen, Ya’subud Deen , Imaamul Mashaariq Wal Maghaarib Hadhrat Ali ( karaamallahu Wajhah ) said :

” I have selected from the Taurah Shareef twelve statements and I daily reflecting these statements thrice. “

These twelve statements follow hereunder: ALLAH TA AALA SAYS:

1. Oh man! Never fear any shaitaan and king as long as My Reign endures.

2. Oh man! Never be worried about your food as long as you find My treasures to be fulfilled. My treasures never decrease.nor will be depleted.

3. Oh man! When you become helpless in any affair, call Me, and most certainly, you will find Me. I  the bestowed of all things and all goodness.

4. O man! Be assured that I regard you as My friend. You therefore, befriend Me.

5. O man! Do not become fearless of Me until you have crossed the bridge ( in qiyaamah)

6. O man! I have created you out of dust, sperm and a blood clot. I was not without perfect power when creating you, how then can I be without power in feeding you? Why then do you seek from others?

7. O man! I have created all things for you and, I have created you for My ibaadat. But you have become trapped in that which has been created for your service and you have drifted away from Me for the sake of others

8. O man! All creation desires something for themselves while I desire you for your own sake, but you run from Me.

9. O man! You are displeased with Me because of the desires of the nafs, but never did you become displeased with your nafs for My sake.

10. O man! My Ibaadah is incumbent on you and upon Me is incumbent your feeding. But, in most cases you are deficient in your duty while I am never deficient in feeding you.

11. O man! You seek future sustenance even today, but I do not desire from you the ibaadat of the future.

12. O man! You will forever remain in peace and comfort if you are contented with what I have given you. If u are not contented with it, I will assert the greed of the world over you. It will then cause you to run from pillar to post, from door to door in utter contempt and then too you will obtain only that which has been predestined for you.

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