An Appeal For Allah’s sake….

The article below is extracted from ‘The Shari’ah’ newspaper, the front page 10 years ago but very much applicable:

Assalamu-Aalykum wa Rahmatullahi wabarakatuh

in the Name of Allah, we issue this heartfelt plea to every Muslim husband, Muslim wife, Muslim parent and Muslim in-law.

Broken marriages:

The tsunami of broken marriages littering the shores of our communities, has reached tragic proportions. Each broken marriage leaves behind it a devastating legacy of hatred, enmity, traumatized kids and bitterly split families. Slandering, gossiping, story carrying, character assassination, court cases and at times, even violence is resorted in order to prevail upon the adversary which was just yesterday frowned over.

Upon reflection, the following reasons can be identified for this pathetic and wretched state of affairs of our society.

1) Ignorance of what an Islamic marriage entails. Thus we find tens of thousands of rands being spent and months of preprations being made for the wedding. However very, very little time is spent to learn the necessary laws and etiquettes of marriage. Despite the fact that the glittering wedding will come to an end and that the couple will need all the knowledge to navigate the ship of marriage through rough seas

2) Despite having knowledge, there is a lack of self control. We can purchase books and attend lectures, but until there is no inner willingness to change, we will not benefit much

3) Lack of Yaqeen (conviction) in the advices and solutions which have been given by Allah Ta’ala and His beloved Nabi Salallahu akihi wasallam.

This here is perhaps the saddest aspect of the current tragedy. A wealth of advice has been given to us by our beloved Nabi Salallahu layhi wasallam in order to guide the Ummah to marital bliss. We ignore these gems and search for pebbles elsewhere and are thus left frustrated

We have. Alhamdulillah,we extensively quoted the golden advices of Nabi Salallahu alaihi wasallam, hoping upon hope that somewhere, someone’s marriage could be saved

Islam is a system and systems operate on rules and regulations. The rules and regulations in Isam are known as The Shariah. The more intricate a matter, the greater the need for detailed rules and regulations. To this extent, we have cited many Islamic Rulings from the internationally acclaimed Behesti Zewar compiled by Hadhrat Moulana Thanvi Rahmatullahi alaihi. The information contained in this tabloid is merely a guideline.

In conclusion, for the sake of Allah, we plead to one and all not to allow ourselves to be misled by Shaytaan who is most pleased when that Nikah which was bonded in the Name of Allah, in the House of Allah and under the banner of the Sunnah is shred dead to pieces.

We also humbly urge our readers to study and pass this issue onto others So often do people get married without realizing the immense responsibility that goes along with it until it’s too late May Allah guide one and all. (Ameen]

(End Of The Shari’ah article)

Inshaa-Allah, posts from this beneficial issue of ‘The Shari’ah’ dedicated to Nikaah will be included on The Ummati website from time to time.

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