1. In the beginning, the entire universe was non existent, Allah Ta’laa brought the entire creation into existence.
  2. Allah Ta’aala is one. He is not dependent on anyone. He has not given birth to anyone, nor was He given birth to. He does not have any wife. There is no one equal to Him.
  3. He has been since eternity and will remain until eternity.
  4. There is nothing similar to Him. He is unique.
  5. He is alive. He has power over everything. There is nothing beyond His knowledge. He sees and hears everything. He speaks, but His speech is not like ours. He does whatever he wishes and there is no one to stop or reprimand Him. He alone is worthy of being worshipped. He has no partner. He is merciful to his servants. He is the nourisher and sustainer. He is free of all blemishes and faults. He is the one who saves His servants from calamities. He is the possessor of honour and greatness. He is the creator of all things, nothing has created Him. He is the forgiver of sins. He is all powerful.

He gives in abundance. He is the one who gives sustenance. He decreases the sustenance of whoever He wishes and increases the sustenance of whoever He wishes. He humiliates whoever He wishes and honours whoever He wishes. He gives honour to whoever He wishes and disgraces whoever He wishes. He is just. He is extremely tolerant and forbearing. He appreciates the rewards service and worship rendered to Him. He accepts duas (supplications).he is all encompassing, He is the ruler over everyone and no one is a ruler over Him. No work of His is devoid of wisdom. He fulfills the need of everyone. He is the one who created everyone and He is the one who will bring everyone back to life on the day of qiyaamah, He is the one who gives life and causes death.

Everyone knows Him through signs and attributes. No one can know the essence of His being. He accepts the repentance of the sinners. He punishes those who deserve punishment. He is the one who gives guidance. Whatever happens in the universe occurs under His order. Without His order, even an atom cannot move. He does not sleep nor does He slumber. He does not become tired of protecting the entire universe. He is in control of everything. He has all good and beautiful qualities. There is no bad or defective quality in Him, nor is there any defect in Him.

  • All His qualities are from eternity and will remain until eternity. No quality of His can ever disappear.
  • He is free from the qualities of the creation. Wherever such qualities have been mentioned in the Quraan and Hadith, we leave the meanings of them to Allah. He is the one who knows the reality of these things. We believe in these things without delving in to them and have conviction that whatever their meanings may be, they are correct. And this is the best way of looking at these things. Alternatively, we would give them some appropriate meaning by means of which we could get an understanding of them.
  • Whatever good or evil that takes place in the world, Allah Ta’aala knows of it from eternity and, according to His knowledge He brings it in to existence. This is what is meant by taqdir (pre-destination). There is a lot of mysterious wisdom in creating even evil things. Everyone is not aware of this wisdom.
  •  Allah Ta’laa has given man intelligence and the power of choice with which he chose between good and evil. However, man does not have the power to bring anything into existence on his own accord. Allah Ta’laa is pleased with good deeds and displeased with evil deeds.
  • Allah Ta’laa has not ordered man to do anything which is beyond his power
  • Allah Ta’laa is not bound by anything, Whatever mercy He shows is solely out of His kindness and grace.


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