Death On Jumuah

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Someone asked Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi Rahmatullahi Alayhi: “If a person dies after Fajr on a Jumu’a, should he be buried before Jumuah or after? Hadhrat replied: “He should be buried as soon as possible. The burial should not be delayed until after Jumuah salaat.

The person said: “They delay because after Jumuah Salaat there will be more people to join in the Janaaza Salaat.” Hadhrat Thanvi said: “They do so because they are unaware of the mas’alah. They are unaware of the fact that severe warnings have been narrated in the (Hadith) for delaying the burial.”

The person said, “I also heard that there is no reckoning until the day of Qiyamah for one who dies on a Friday.”

Hadhrat Thanvi said: “Yes, it is so, but remember this is due to the fadhielat (virtue) of the Day of Jumuah , whether it is before Jumuah Salaat or after Jumuah Salaat”

Malfoozaat Part 6, page 12

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