Hadhrat Anas Radhiyallahu Anhu stated that a youngster was martyred during the battle of Uhud. After the battle, his body was found amongst other bodies. It was noted that stone was tied around his stomach to alleviate the pangs of hunger. When his mother came to him, she wiped the sand off his face and said, “Glad tidings of Jannah upon you, O my son.”

Rasullullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam remarked, “What do you know? Perhaps he spoke some futile speech.” (Due to this, even though he attained the rank of martyrdom, there might be a decrease in his rank.)

Only such words should be spoken, which attract reward or repel harm. That speech in which there is neither reward nor removal of harm, is termed futile speech. Whoever suffices on necessary speech, his talking will decrease. A person should ponder that if he remembers Allah Ta’laa instead of talking that which makes no sense, he can attain a huge reward.

How can an intelligent person give up such valuable capital, and collect clods of earth instead? If this is the situation in uttering words in non-sinful speech, if one utters words that are sinful e.g. backbiting, swearing, immoral speech, it is like leaving valuable capital, and choosing a blazing coal of fire instead.

Included in futile speech are story-telling and memoirs, discussing the condition of people, their habits and food. These are amongst the many things one will find people actively engaged in.


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