Expressing Gratitude For A Smack

Sheikhul Hadith, Hadhrat Maulana Zakariyya Rahmatullahi mentions in Aap Beti,

“I was about three or four years old and had not even learnt to walk properly. I still remember it very well as such things generally are very deeply imbedded in the mind.

My mother had great love for me. Women generally all love their children but for the way she loved me, May Allah Ta’laa grant her high rank in the hereafter. I have very seldom seen any mother with so much love for her child. At that time she sewed a beautiful small pillow for me. It was much smaller than the one used by me today. I will not even forget what it looked like. It was beautifully decorated in gold and silver lace etc. I loved this pillow so much that, instead of placing it under my head, I placed it under my breast, At times I used to keep it in my embrace and at times kept it close to my chest.

Once my father shouted: “Zakariyya bring me a pillow!” At that moment, my love for my father rose inside me and with great enthsiasm and heartfelt sincerity with the purpose of offering him my pillow asked: “Shall I bring my pillow?”

I became very excited and happy as I rushed towards him. As I reached him he took hold of both my arms with his left hand and with his right hand gave me such a smack in the face that even today I experience the ecstasy thereof. And I don’t think that I will forget it till my dying day. As he beat me he said: “Shall I bring mine? Have you ever earned something which give you the right to say: Shall I bring mine?”

I am extremely grateful to Allah that from that day onwards whenever this incident comes to mind, I am reminded time and again that we in this world do not own anything, And through Allah’s grace, this idea becomes more strengthened in me.”

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