The Decor Never Persuaded Them

Hadhrat Rib’ee bin Aamir Radhiyallu Anhu Invites Rustam to Islaam

Hadhrat Sa’d Radhiyallu Anhu sent an envoy who happened to Hadhrat Rib’ee bin Aamir Radhiyallu Anhu. When Hadhrat Rib’ee Radhiyallu Anhu arrived, the court of Rustam had been decorated. There were cushions decorated with gold, rugs of silk, gleaming emeralds, priceless pearls and other elaborate decorations. Rustam wore his crown and other expensive garments and accessories as he sat on a Throne of gold.

Material Progress Did Not Amuse Them

Wearing old clothing, Hadhrat Rib’ee Radhiyallu Anhu entered with his sword, his shield and Undersized Horse.

He continued riding the horse, even trampling on the edges of the rugs. He then dismounted and tied his horse on one of the couches. He then walked along with his weapons and armour still wearing his helmet.

The Courtiers Instruct

When the courtiers asked him to remove his weapons, he said,

” I have not come of my own accord but have come on your request. Either leave me as I am or grant me leave.”

Rustam instructed them to grant him entry and he came with his spear, which tore most of the rug as he walked while leaning on it. The courtiers asked, “What brings you here?”

Filled With Tauheed (The Oness Of Allah Ta’laa)

Hadhrat Rib’ee Radhiyallu Anhu replied, ” Allah has sent us to remove those whom He wills from the slavery of man to take them to the slavery of Allah, to remove them from the narrowness of this world towards its vastness and from the oppression of other religions towards the justice of Islaam. Giving us His Deen, Allah has sent us to call His creation towards it. Whoever accepts it, we shall acknowledge it and leave him alone. As for those who refuse, we shall fight them forever until we reach Allah’s promised place.”

They asked, “What is Allah’s promised place?”

Hadhrat Rib’ee Radhiyallu Anhu replied, ” It is Jannah, which shall be the lot of people who die fighting those who reject (Islaam). Victory shall be the lot who survive.”

Their Leader Asked For Grace

Rustam asked, ” I have heard what you have to say. Will you allow us grace so that you and us may look into the matter?”

Certainly” Hadhrat Rib’ee Radhiyallu Anhu responded, ” How much time do you require? One day? Two days?

“No,” said Rustam, “We need time to write to our consultative assembly and our leaders.”

Hadhrat Rib’ee Radhiyallu Anhu Does Not Twist The Laws To Bootlick

Hadhrat Rib’ee Radhiyallu Anhu said, ” Rasullullah Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam has not set such a precedent that allows enemies more than three days respite at the time of battle. Look into the matter for your benefit and for the benefit of your people and then choose one of the three options before the expiry of the (three day) term.”

Rustam asked, “Are you the leader of your people?”

No,” replied Hadhrat Rib’ee Radhiyallu Anhu, ” but all Muslims are like a single body. The lowest of them may grant amnesty (to an enemy) which is binding on the highest of them.”

Rustam Was Blown Away

Rustam gathered the leaders of his people and asked, ” Have you ever heard words more powerful yet as gentle as those of that man?”

Rustams Subordinates Judge

They said, “ Allah forbid that you should have a liking to anything that he said and forsake your religion for that dog (Allah Ta’laa forbid) Did you not see his clothing?”

Rustam Reprimands Them

Rustam said to them, “Shame on you! Do not look at clothing but rather look at prudence, the speech and the personality. The Arabs care little for clothing and food but are covetous about their lineage

Hayaatus Sahaabah

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