Genocide of Islamic Scholars of India by British

During Year 1864 to 1867(3 years)

After the 1857 war of Independence, an English Historian Edward John Thomson (1886 – expired 1946) who used to visit and stay in India regularly starting year 1910 writes, in his 1925 Book : The other side of the Medal

Excerpts from his book:

From 1864 to 1867(3 years), the British government firmly resolved to eradicate all the ulema of India. These three 3 years are one of the most heart wrenching periods of Indian history

The British hanged 14000 ulema to death from Chandni chowk of Delhi up to Khaibar, not a single tree was spared the neck of the ulema

The Ulema were wrapped in pig-skin and hurled alive into blazing furnaces. Their bodies where branded with heart copper rods.

They used to be made to stand on the backs of elephants and tied to high trees. The elephants would then be driven away and they would be left hanging by their necks.

A make shift gallow was set up in the courtyard of the Shahi Mosque of Lahore and each day up to eighty 80 ulema where hanged.

The ulema were at times wrapped up in sacks and dumped into the Rawi river of Lahore after which hail of bullets would be pumped into each sack.

Thomson writes further:

[Quoting mostly a Britisher source]…As I got into my camp at Delhi, I perceived a stench of putrefied flesh. As I stepped out and went behind my camp, I saw a blazing fire of live coals. I saw a group of forty 40 naked ulema being led into the fire.

As I was witnessing the scene, another group of forty 40 ulema where brought onto the field. Right before my eyes, their clothes were taken off their bodies.

The English commander address them thus:

“O Molvies! Just as these ulema are being roasted over this fire, you will also be roasted. To save yourself, just one of you must proclaim that you are not part of the 1857 uprising of freedom. I will release all of you the moment I hear just one of you affirming this.”

Thomson writes:

By the lord who has created me! Not one of the ulema said any such thing (to the English commander)

All of them were roasted over the fire and another group was also brought and roasted over the blazing fire.

Not a single alim (Islamic scholar) surrendered to the demands of the British

* *End of excerpt from Thomson

[ Not many Islamic Institutes remained in 1867 ]

One would be quite astonished to realize that in 1601 when the British arrived in India for trade there were a thousand 1000 Islamic institutes in Delhi alone.

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