Heavy Downpours Of Mercy

The 15th Night of Sha’baan

According to some scholars the name Sha’baan Is derived from the word الشعب with a kasrah on the ش  (sheen) which means a mountain pass therefore this month is such that it is a pathway to goodness, the pathway to the month of Ramadhaan

Others state the word Sha’baan is derived from the word الشعب with a fat-ha on the ش (sheen) which means to repair as Allah Ta’laa on this night mends the broken hearts

In this month there is a blessed honourable night wherein Allah ﷻ showers his Creation with His Light, His Mercy for those who seek it, His Forgiveness for those who seek His Forgiveness, His Acceptance of supplications for those who supplicate, removes difficulties of those who are experiencing challenging conditions and emancipates groups of people from the fire of Jahannam.

10 Names for This Night

  1. Laylatul Mubarakah– The night of blessings due to Allah’s ﷻ mercy descending
  2. Laylatul-Qismah– The Night of distribution of wealth and affairs of a person (death and who will get married, good and bad deeds)
  3. Laylatut-Takfeer– The Night of Expiation of sins
  4. Laylatul-Ijaabah– The night upon which dua’s readily accepted
  5. Laylatul-Malaaikah– The Night Of Angels- The rejoicing of the Angels
  6. Laylatush-Shafa’ah– The Night Of Intercession
  7. Laylatul-Bara’ah– The Night Of Emancipation (From the fire of Jahannam)
  8. Laylatul-Ghufraan– The Night Of Forgiveness
  9. Laylatut-Ta’theem– The Night Of Honour
  10. Laylatur-Rujhaan– The Night Of Superiority

5 Preparations:

A special meeting with your Rabb, Allah Ta’laa requires:

  1. An active heart yearning for the mercy of The Most Compassionate (Therefore cellphone off)
  2. Clean area to worship in solitude (apart from fardh Salaah to be prayed in the Masjid for men)
  3. Cleanse the mouth with a miswaak- This is a means of earning the pleasure of The Most Merciful
  4. Clean sunnah clothing with a mind and heart of a beggar
  5. I’tar (Alcohol Free fragrance)

5 Actions To Engage In With A Faqeeri (Slave in need) Mindset

  1. Abundance of Istighfaar & Taubah (repentance) with all it’s conditions- To remove oneself from sin with immediate effect, utmost regret over past sins and , a sincere intention never to return to any of the previous sins (Consider oneself as the worst on the surface of the earth )
  2. Abundance of the recitation of the Quraan
  3. Abundance of Dhikr of Allah Ta’laa & Dua plus a few minutes to ponder over death
  4. Abundance of Durood
  5. Salaatut-Tasbeeh

All rights of family members should be observed accordingly and the men should observe all salaah in the Masjid !

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