Shah Hakeem Akhthar رحمه الله mentions in Rashke-Awliyaa about his beloved Sheikh Maulana Shah Abdul-Ghani Phulpuri رحمه الله:

“There was a friend of mine who at that time had not yet taken bay’ah (pledged allegiance) to Maulana Shah Abdul Ghani Phulpuri رحمه الله. His father, was a friend of Maulana Phulpuri رحمه الله, had to undergo an eye operation in Sitapur. He said to Maulana Phulpuri رحمه الله , “Hadhrat”! You have some disciples in Sitapur. If you ask any of them, our food and drink during this time can be arranged by one of them.” The friends of Allah are kind people. By the recommendation of Maulana Phulpuri رحمه الله, this need of his was taken care of. This person, before pledging allegiance to Maulana Shah Abdul-Ghani Phulpuri رحمه الله, was severely afflicted with the malady if lustful glances.

There was a railway station about half a mile away from the store in which he was employed. Throughout the day, different passenger trains would stop at this station. When he would hear the sound of a train approaching, he would leave the shop, run to the station and steal lustful gazes at the women who were in the carriages exclusive for females. People tend to judge the friends of Allah on their own conditions. So he narrated: ” Maulana Phulpuri رحمه الله came to Sitapur to visit my father while he was still recovering. As was his habit, he was engaged in recital of the Qur’an while walking. His gaze was fixed to the ground in front of him. Suddenly, a very beautiful woman appeared in front of him. He was completely unaware of her presence. I said to myself that I will see today whether he looks at her or not. (His intention was to test Maulana Phulpuri رحمه الله). When they were now quite close to each other, Maulana Phulpuri رحمه الله sensed that someone was walking towards him, (He lifted his head.) As his gaze fell on her, he turned and changed his road. He was overtaken by nausea. He sat on the side of the road and vomited.” This was his level of Taqwa. This person later took bay’ah (pledged allegiance) at the hands of Maulana Shah Abdul Ghani Phulpuri رحمه الله and became such a worshipper that Allah Ta’laa caused miracle to happen at his hands.

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