How To Water Indoor Plants

All beginners, when growing plants indoors ask how often they should water their plants. The correct answer, That depends…..’ is not as satisfying as some definite reply like once a week might be. But it is the only the correct answer.

Your home in winter may be almost as arid as a desert, and your plants will need for more water than during humid summer weather. Small plants dry out more rapidly than big ones and so must be watered more frequently. Plants in bloom need more water than at other times.

But, in general, plants vary little in the water requirements. Except for cactus and succluents, which tolerate drought all plants grow best in moist soil.

Add water whenever the top soil feels dry to the touch-whether this be daily or weekly. When you water, do it thoroughly, Supply enough to moisten soil all the way to the bottom. Do not water again until top soil is on the dry side.

If you water from the top, be sure to have broken crockery, pebbles or other loose material at the bottom of the pot for good drainage If you water from the bottom, do not use drainage material. Insert a wick (preferably of fibreglass) to absorb water from a dish below and to keep the soil uniformly moist. You can also buy self-watering pots in a variety of styles and sizes.

Whether you water from top or bottom, it is a good idea to give plants an occasional soaking.

Place the pot in a dish or pail of water so that it is half submerged. Leave it there until the surface of the soil is moist. Set the plant aside and drain, off the surplus water before returning it to its usual position. Do not leave a pot standing in water more than an hour or so. Too much water over a long period prevents oxygen reaching the roots which need oxygen to live

Two Satisfactory Ways Of Watering:

1. Moisten All The Soil
When you water from the top, add enough water so that it drains out at the bottom. You can then be sure that all the soil I’d moistened. Use a saucer to catch drainage , and protect the surface on which the plants are placed.

2. Wick- Water From Bottom

Special self- watering flowerpot have a built-in Reservoir that feeds water to so through a Wick. Make one with a Fibre glass Wick, a disc to hold pot above water and a deep dish to hold water.

Extracted From ‘Flower Arranging And House Plants

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