Important Health Tips Specially For Pregnant Women

Occasionally fumigate the house- every room – with fragrant incense (lobaan), and close the doors for a while.

Don’t eat to full satiation. This will save you from many sicknesses.

Eat less during the spring season.

The meat of an old cow thickens and contaminates the blood.

Pregnant women should abstain from eating carrots.

Pregnant women should never eat beans. Beans cause distressful dreams. (This does notmean that it is necessary to totally abstain fromeating beans. Excessive indulgence in anything is harmful).

Excessive consumption of sour things weakens the muscles and hastens old age.

Females should exercise extra caution and never eat sour things during pregnancy.

Do not eat sour things with milk.

Never eat fish and milk together. This combination can cause paralysis and leprosy.

Do not drink water after eating oily foods. Don’t drink water after eating fruit.

Drinking cold water with hot food, causes considerable damage to the teeth.

Don’t sleep immediately after eating. There should be a minimum interval of two hours.

Don’t drink water immediately after waking up from sleep.

If overcome with thirst, close the nose then drink the water, and drink slowly. After drinking, keep the nose closed for a few moments.

Don’t drink water after a strenuous walk or exercise. It is very harmful.

After relieving yourself in the toilet, don’t immediately drink water.

Ice is harmful for the kidneys.

Don’t resort to medicine in minor illnesses.Overcome such illness by means of correct eating, drinking, walking and fresh air.

Regardless of how serious a sickness may be, never panic. Panic adversely affects medication.

Sleeping on a full stomach can lead to deafness.

Never sleep before two hours after meals.

Don’t bite something hard. It harms both the teethand the eyes. Biting ice is harmful.

Pay special attention to the health of the stomach. Do not eat unless you are hungry.

Do not fill the stomach to eliminate all vestiges of hunger

Awake To The Call Of Islam – Ramadhaan 1444 pg, 31 & 32

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