Initiation of Bid’ah

Extracted from Malfoothaat of Moulana Ashraf Ali Thaanwi Rahmatullahi ‘Alaihi (Part 5, pg 57):

A Wa’aiz (a professional lecturer who goes from place to place on lecture tours) came to the town Garhi (in India) and mentioned that a garment of Rasulullah Sallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam has reached the Madrasah in Deoband. Since it is an item of immense virtue, the people should go to Deoband to make ziyaarat (visit) the garment.

All the inhabitants of the town, men, women and even the sick resolved to travel in a group to Deoband to make ziyarat of the garment. Some intelligent persons advised that before undertaking the journey, they should consult with Hadhrat Maulana Thanvi. A delegation went to Thana Bhawan where they sought Hadhrat Thanvi’s advice. Hadhrat Thanvi (Rahmatullahi ‘Alaihi) said:

“Undoubtedly, there is barkat in making ziyaraarat of the garment. However, it is inappropriate to make such an elaborate arrangement for a big group to undertake a journey specifically for this purpose. It is tantamount to organising an urs. (Urs is an anniversary custom of the bid’atis). Whenever someone happens to go to Deoband, he should make ziyaarat and derive barkat from the garment. There is nothing wrong in this. But, a journey in group form should not be undertaken. This is the way in which bid’ah is initiated.

Even if the garment is genuine, then too such an elaborate arrangement to visit it should not be made. It is not devoid of fitnah. These short-sighted wandering lecturers perpetrate this type of corruption for mercenary objectives.

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