Instant Initiation Of Mureeds

Some people say that whoever comes should simply be accepted in bay’t (I.e made a mureed) otherwise he may become trapped at the hands of some bid’ati peer (one who initiates mureeds).

In response to this argument I say that on the contrary, I have saved him (the one who was refused) from the clutches of a bid’ati.

The reason for my procrastination (I.e not immediately making bay’t) is to convey that there should not be haste in this relationship. This relationship should be cultivated only after considerable reflection.

Assuming a particular man who was refused does become the mureed of a bid’ati, another 50 will be saved from falling into the clutches of bid’ati’s. They will understand that they should refrain from haste and think before making their decision. Thus my attitude prevents people from bid’ati’s. If anyone does fall into a bid’ati’s trap, he does so out of his own free will. He, himself is responsible for this action.

Malfoothaat of Hadhrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thaanwi Rahmatullahi Alaihi, Part 2

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