Once there was a person who had six daughters. Both he and his pious wife were extremely desperate to get a son. They made plenty of Duaa and spent time preoccupied with the desire for a boy. As the time for the birth approached, both he and his wife became more anxious and restless. Just before the baby was due, he had the following dream:He had a dream that it was the Day of Qiyamah! He was absolutely terrified! Then came the time for Hisaab…His sins outweighed his good deeds! Inna lillahi wa Inna ilayhi Rajioen…He failed and was sentenced to JAHANNAM! The Malaaikah took him to JAHANNAM even as he was screaming hysterically.

When they came to the first gate of JAHANNAM, one of his daughters was there and stopped the Malaika from dumping her father into JAHANNAM. She said that her father gave her a good upbringing through which she was going to JANNAH and that she was going to do her utmost to prevent him from going to go to JAHANNAM.

The Malaika took the father to the second gate. The second daughter was waiting there with the same message. The father had a glimmer of hope now. At each gate of JAHANNAM, a daughter was there to assist him, Alhamdulillah. However by the sixth gate of JAHANNAM, he started to panic as he only had six daughters. There was still a seventh gate. As he was taken to the seventh gate, he cried out…O Allah is wish I had SEVEN DAUGHTERS!

Upon this, his eyes opened with fear. He was sweating! He quickly woke up his wife. They both made 2 rakaats Salaatul Haajaat for a GIRL.Allah Ta’aala blessed them with a girl.They thereafter treasured every daughter of theirs, firm in the knowledge that these daughters were given to them in order to save them from JAHANNAM.

My beloved friends…This temporary life is to prepare for the everlasting Aakhirah.

At the time no one worries about how many sons or how many daughters they have. All that matters is what lies in front. Jannat or Jahannam!

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