Kindness To Parents

Ahadith Pertaining to Parents: 

(1) Service to parents result in increase in rizq (earnings, livelihood) and in longer life.From sunrise to sunset we are absorbed in earning our sustenance. However we are ever unmindful that our Sustainer, Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aala has made service to parents a means of gaining an increase and gaining blessings in our rizq. Similarly, we spend large sums of money to ensure good health for a graceful retirement and longer life. Little do we know that the secret resides in the simple task of service to parents. 

(2) A gaze of love and mercy cast at parents is the equivalent of an accepted Hajj.We know the hadith, yet we still proudly display our insincerity. Let us reflect… Is our desire for performing Hajj a desire to earn the pleasure of Allah All Mighty or is it for our nafs, for our pride, for the prestige of being called a Haaji in society? If we really are searching for Allah’s pleasure alone, we would have this hadith right at the top of our minds. Yet we time and time again witness our behaviour with our elderly parents falling short of the mark. We speak to them in a condescending tone. We tirelessly seek to prove them wrong in every topic. A sincere gaze of love and mercy can only come about with humility. You be the judge. Is your attitude towards them an attitude of humility or one of arrogance and defiance? Remember, our parents and everybody else in this world is a means of Allah Ta’aal tesing us. It is now upon us to apply and implement our knowledge. For who knows, tomorrow they may not be there and this door of mercy wil be forever closed.

(3) Service to parents is superior to Jihad.They have served us from the time of our very inception. What have we done for them? The virtues of Jihad are tremendous. Its sacrifice is absolute and unconditional. The Jihad of a female is the performance of Hajj. Notwithstanding, we find Islam teaching us that our priority in life is our parents. Serving them yields the greatest rewards at the most minimal sacrifice. The intelligent believer will wholeheartedly grab this opportunity with both hands.

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