Hadhrat Aa’isha Radhiyallahu Anha narrates that the family of Hadhrat Abu Bakr Radhiyallahu Anhu once sent the leg of a goat to them. She then held it as Rasulullah ﷺ cut it or it was Hadhrat Aa’isha Radhiyallahu Anha who cut it as Rasulullah ﷺ held it. The narrators state, Hadhrat Aa’isha Radhiyallahu Anha would add that this was done without using a lantern whenever narrating this.

Another narration adds that the narrator asked Hadhrat Aa’isha Radhiyallahu Anha, “O Ummul Mu’mineen! Was this done in the light of a lantern?” The reply was, “If we had oil to light a lantern, we would have rather ate the oil”

Hadhrat Abu Hurayra Radhiyallahu Anhu says, Many moon (months) would pass by the wives of Rasulullah ﷺ without any of them being able to light a lantern or make a fire (to cook). If they ever got any oil then instead of using it to light a lantern they would rub it on their bodies and if they ever got any fat, they would eat it.”

Hadhrat Urwa Radhiyallahu Anhu narrates that Hadhrat Aa’isha Radhiyallahu Anha used to say, “Dear nephew! O swear by Allah that we (the wives of Rasulullah ﷺ) used to look at one new moon go by followed by another and yet another without a fire being lit in the rooms of Rasulullah ﷺ during this period of two of months with the new moons. Hadhrat Urwa Radhiyallahu Anhu asked, “Dear aunt! What was it that you live on?” Hadhrat Aa’isha Radhiyallahu Anha replied, “The two black things, dates and water. The only exceptions were the times when the Ansaar neighbours of Rasulullah ﷺ who possessed milk-giving animals would send some milk to him, which he would give us to drink.

Hayaatus Sahaabah

Lesson: We complain and utter words expressing our dislike for a little hardship which can never compare to the hardships the best of creation and his family went through ﷺ.

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