Innovative efforts with special focus on liberating females are continuously on the rise, inculcating a mindset totally liberating (freeing) one from priceless qualities such as modesty. The most honourable of the entire creation of Allah Ta’laa, Sayyiduna Nabi Kareem Mustafa ﷺ came as a mercy to the entire universe. Nabi Muhammed ﷺ directed us to avenues which we can engage in to liberate ourselves from the torment of the fire of Jahannam.

O Muslim Women, Nabi ﷺ directs you to liberating yourself from the fire of Jahannam whereas they seek to use this word ‘liberate’ in an attempt to soothe your ego, however reflect and ponder as to what is the true liberation. Liberation from the eternal fire by following the Shar’iah? Or their shallow minded pathways which is filled with thorns and vultures?

A Pathway

With special address to the females, Nabi ﷺ presents to you an action which you can engage in without hesitation, whether living in palatial mansions or a steel shack

Hadhrat Abu Hurayrah رضي الله عنه narrates that the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said,

يا نِساءَ المُسْلِماتِ، لا تَحْقِرَنَّ جارَةٌ لِجارَتِها، ولو فِرْسِنَ شاة

” O Muslim Women! No neighbour should regard anything as insignificant for another neighbour even it be a sheep’s trotter(foot)” (Bukhari)

This teaches us not to deem the most simplest of gifts as insignificant but also causes us to introspect that when last have we considered our neighbours and plucked up the courage to send a gift even though it be small?

When we engage in those avenues in which were directed by The Habeeb Of Allah ﷻ ( The Beloved Of Allahﷻ) then we will also become the beloved of Allah ﷻ and will be the means of spreading mercy to those surrounding us, but when we will fall prey to the kuffaar’s plots, then we will be the means of spreading ‘omicron’.

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