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Question: Can I make a Qur’baani on behalf of an adult who is by the means to do his/her own?
Answer: Yes you may do so with the permission of the person on whom Qur’baani is Waajib. If Qur’baani is not waajib for the person, Qur’baani may be made for him/her without his/her consent. This transference of thawaab (reward) applies to all acts of Ibaadat.

Question: When does Qur’baani become waajib?
Answer: When a baaligh (adult) sane person has the nisaab of zakaat on the days of Eid then it is waajib to make a Qur’baani. It is not necessary for the nisaab to be in his possession for the entire year.

Question: Can more than one person share in a Qur’baani?
Answer: A cow, bull, ox, camel and buffalo has 7 shares. Thus up to seven persons may share one such animal. Only one person can make Qur’baani of a goat or sheep.

Question: How should the Qur’baani meat be distributed?
Answer: It is mustahabb which is a Sunnah act, (preferable and meritorious to divide the meat into 3 portions, one portion for the poor, one for oneself, and one portion for others.

Question: Can all of the Qur’baani meat be given in charity?
Answer: Yes, all the meat may be given away. It is also permissible to keep all the meat for oneself.

Question: Am I allowed to give Qur’baani meat to a non-Muslim?
Answer: Yes it is permissible, however poor Muslims take preference.

Question: If I buy a Qur’baani animal and before I can slaughter it died, do I
have to buy another animal?
Answer: If you are wealthy and can afford another animal then it is waajib to purchase another animal and slaughter it.

Question: I saved up for the entire year for a Qur’baani animal and just before I could slaughter it, it was injured badly. I cannot afford to purchase another animal. What should I do?
Answer: In your case you may slaughter the injured animal for your Qur’baani. It will be valid.

Question: I was entrusted to do Qur’baani for my family members and some of the animals broke loose and ran away. I could not locate them and the days of Eid lapsed. What should I do?
Answer: If there was no negligence on your part you are not responsible. All those who could not make Qur’baani due to their sheep having disappeared should give the value of the animal in charity.


Question: Can a woman slaughter her own Qur’baani?
Answer: In these times women should not slaughter Qur’baani animals. Wherever women engage in slaughtering Qur’baani animals, a host of haraam activities is concomitant. The ‘purdah’ arrangements made by so-called ‘deendaar’ persons who are plain frauds, is a travesty and a mockery of the Shariah.
These women desire to be in the limelight to exhibit themselves like immoral women. In fact, at heart they are immoral. They attempt to camouflage their immorality with abayas and niqaabs. But from behind the abayas and niqaabs are evil eyes and bestial hearts casting surreptious glances and evil desires. They should understand that Allah Ta’ala is aware of their vile shenanigans.

The Qur’aan Majeed says:

“He is aware of the treachery of the eyes and what the hearts conceal.”

Qur’baani time has become an opportunity for such exhibition and the fussaaq and fujjaar males despite their beards, turbans and kurtahs are all complicit in the haraam fun fare which prevails at Qur’baani time. Their external deeni façade is underlined with hypocrisy and crass nafsaaniyat. Qur’baani is not a merrymaking act of Ibaadat. The condition of haraam merrymaking prevailing nowadays on Qur’baani occasions is appalling and haraam.

Question: Can I cut my nails and trim my hair before my Qur’baani is done?
Answer: No, you may not do so. Those who are making Qur’baani should not cut their nails and hair before their Qur’baani is done. They should ensure that they cut their nails and hair at the latest on 29th Zil Qa’dh.

Question: The goat that I purchased is 11 months old but very big in size, is it
suitable for Qur’baani?
Answer: A goat has to be a minimum of one year. It is not permissible to make
Qur’baani of a 11 month old goat regardless of its size. However, an exception has
been made for only sheep. If a sheep of six months is so big in size that it passes for
a one year old then it is permissible for Qur’baani. It does not mean that all sheep of
6 months old are permissible for Qur’baani slaughter. A cow has to be at least two
years old.

Question: Can we start our Qur’baani immediately after Fajr salaah?
Answer: If you are in a city then Qur’baani may be made only after the Eid Salaat.
However, in a village or place where Eid Salaat is not permissible, Qur’baani may
be made after Subh Saadiq.

Question: Can Qur’baani be made for the deceased as esaale thawaab?
Answer: Yes, it is highly encouraged. Hazrat Ali (Radhiyallahu Anhu) made 2
Qur’baani, one for himself and one on behalf of Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) as
it was bequeathed by Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) to have a Qur’bani done for
him after his demise.

Question: Can the skin and meat of the Qur’baani animal be sold?
Answer: It in not permissible to sell any portion of the Qur’bani animal nor give it
in lieu of payment for services rendered.

Question: Can a tail less sheep be slaughtered for Qur’baani?
Answer: An animal without a tail or one third missing is regarded as defective and cannot be slaughtered for Qur’baani. There are other options available to slaughter in place of a tail less sheep.

Question: I have entrusted my Qur’baani to a Muslim agent, he does Qur’baani for many people, he makes an intention when buying the animals that these animals are for the people who entrusted me to make Qur’baani on their behalf, is my Qur’baani valid with such an intention made by the agent?
Answer: Yes, at the time of purchasing the animals he intends that these animals are for those people whom entrusted him to make on their behalf. Their Qur’baani is valid and not any specific animal needs to be earmarked for a particular person.

Question: If a Muslim slaughterer feels that he does not have to recite tasmiya when slaughtering as he is a Muslim, will the Qur’baani be valid?
Answer: The Qur’baani will not be valid, and animal is carrion. The meat is haraam as well as the Qur’baani is not discharged. If he forgetfully omits the Tasmiya, the Qur’baani will be discharged and the meat is halaal.

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