The first essential step for entry into the path of Faqeeri is Taubah(repentance). A sincere Taubah has to be offered. The Taalib (searcher of Allah) must seek Allah’s forgiveness for all the sins which he has committed. He must then set about fulfilling omitted acts of ibaadat, e.g Fard Salaat, Fard Saum(fasting) etc. which he had missed. He must render Qadha of these omitted acts of ibaadat.

He must initiate moves to discharge any rights (huqooq) of others for which he may yet be liable, or he must obtain their pardon. Without discharging the rights of others or without the people of rights releasing the Taalib from liability and obligation, he can never reach Allah ﷻ no matter how much he may strive and engage in ibaadat.

Along with the making of Taubah it is essential to make a firm resolution that no matter how great the loss of life, poverty and wealth one may sustain; no matter what criticism be levelled against one and irrespective of any worldly benefit lost in the process, one may remain steadfast in the obedience to Allah and Rasulullah ﷺ . If you lack the courage and determination to adopt this resolution, then know that you are not in search of Allah ﷻ-you are then not a Taalib (Seeker). After having sincerely and fully repented and after having made the resolution of obedience to Allah and Rasullullah ﷺ, make arrangements to require a certain amount of Deeni knowledge to enable you to regulate your daily life in accordance with the Shariah. You will now be ready to set out in search of an expert Shaikh of Tasawwuf to guide you along the Path leading to Allah ﷻ

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