Q. I would be grateful if Mufti Sahb could advise me on what is the best course of action with regards to my situation as follows:

Ramadhaan is just around the corner. I have a 9 month old baby who is breastfed and two other children. The fasting days, will be very long, as I live in the UK. What should I do in this situation?
1) Should I carry on breastfeeding while I observe the fasts?
2) Or should I wean my baby off so then I may be able to fast bearing in mind that she’s hardly one year old in age?
3) Or do I continue breastfeeding but do not observe fast and make up the fasting days immediately after Ramadhaan?
4) Or should I teach her to drink from the bottle, drinking my milk, and observe the fasts?

A. Continue breastfeeding your child and assess your health and physical strength. If there is fear of harm to oneself or the baby in fasting then postpone the fast. The Shariah allows postponing the fast for the sake of the infant.
The bond between mother and child should be maintained. Discontinuing your breastfeeding will have an adverse effect on this bond.
The Shaafi’ Math-hab
For those who follow the Shaafi’ Math-hab it is necessary for the mother breastfeeding her infant to forgo the fast if she fears harm to herself or her child. Then, if the fear of harm is for herself or both, herself and the infant, only qadha of the fast is necessary. If, however, the fear was restricted to the suckling child then together with qadha of the fast she will also have to give fidyah for the foregone fast.

Q. Is it permitted for one to fast while having the flu/bronchitis? Does the bringing up of slime/mucous on the chest break one’s fast?
A. It is permissible to fast when having flu. The phlegm on the chest does not break the fast. If it comes up to the mouth it should be expelled from the mouth.

Q. Please advise if one can take a flu injection and can one rub balm or Vicks on the chest and back whilst fasting.
A. 1. It is permissible to rub balm and Vicks on the chest and back during fasting.
2. With regard to the flu-shot, if the medication is assimilated into the digestive tract then it will not be permissible.

Q. We know of the ‘punishment’ for one who intentionally breaks a fast in the month of Ramadhaan, i.e., kaffaarah; but what is the punishment for one who intentionally doesn’t fast at all in the month of ‎Ramadhaan? (Na’oodhubillah)
A. The misfortunate soul who foregoes the entire Month of Ramadhaan Fast has to compulsorily make taubah, keep thirty days qadha and one kaffaarah to make amends for his flagrant violation of one of the Pillars of Islam.
If he does not make amends in this world then he becomes deserving of severe chastisement in the Aakhirat. And Allah Ta’ala knows best.

Q: I was fasting and blood came out from my mouth. I then swallowed it. Will my fast break?
A: If the blood is less than the saliva and the taste of blood is not felt in the throat, the fast will not break.

Q: I previously read somewhere that when fasting, you are allowed to use toothpaste and mouthwash as long as it is not swallowed. Is this correct?
A: The use of toothpaste and mouthwash would render the fast Makrooh and impermissible (i.e. the fast will be devoid of any reward). The Sunnat is to use the Miswaak which is allowed during fasting.

Q: I am diabetic. Can I give Sadaqah instead of fasting during Ramadhaan?
A: No, you cannot do so. You must fast to see if you can manage the fast. If you cannot manage the fast due to feinting or any extreme conditions and if a pious Muslim doctor tells you not to fast, then only can you not fast. If your condition normalises, you have to then fast. If you were told by the muslim doctor not to fast, you may then give sadaqah for the fasts missed.

Q: Is it permissible for Zaid to take an injection whilst fasting?
A It is permissible to take an injection whilst fasting.

Fataawa Mahmoodiyah Vol 15 pg.180

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