Rules With Regards To Sheikh And Mureed

  1. Be respectful to your Sheikh. Remember the name of Allah in exactly the way shown to you by your sheikh. Have the following belief with regard to your sheikh: “ The spiritual benefits that I can gain from this sheikh cannot be gained from any other sheikh
  2. If the murid’s heart has not been reformed properly as yet and the sheikh passes away, he must become a murid of another sheikh.
  3. When you come across any wazifah in any book or read about the frugal life of someone, do not act upon it on your own accord. Ask your sheikh about it first. If any good or evil thought enters or you decide to do something, first consult your sheikh.
  4. Do not remove your pardah in the presence of your sheikh. At the time of becoming a murid, do not shake his hands. A verbal bay’ah is also sufficient.
  5. If you mistakenly become a murid of a person who acts contrary to the Shari’ah, or if he was good in the beginning and later changed, then sever your contact with him and become a murid of some other pious person. However, if your sheikg commits a sin which could be overlooked, then think to yourself that he is also human and that he is not an angel. He has made a mistake which could be forgiven by his making taubah. Do not allow your conviction in him to dwindle over trivial matters. However, if the sheikh persists on such acts, sever your contact with him.
  6. It is a sin to believe that your sheikh has knowledge of everything that you do.
  7. Never read books which have stories of the dervishes which appear to be contrary to the Shari’ah. SImilary, you should not read poems that are contrary to the Shari’ah.
  8. Some dervishes say that the path of the Shari’ah is different from the path of the dervishes. Such dervishes are astray. It is fardh to consider them liars.
  9. If the sheikh asks you to do anything that is contrary to the Shari’ah, it is not permissible for you to act upon it. If he insists on you to carry it out, sever your contact with him.
  10. If, due to the barakah of taking the name of Allah, you experience a good state in your heart, you have a good dream or upon waking up you hear a voice or see some light, then do not mention this to anyone other than your sheikh nor inform anyone of the wazifahs that you read or the ibadah you make, because by doing so, this good fortune will go away.
  11. If your sheikh asks to recite a particular wazifah or engage in a particular form of dhikr and after some time you still do not experience any delight in this, do not be disheartened, nor should you lose your confidence in your sheikh. Instead, think to yourself that the greatest effect is that your heart is making an intention of remembering Allah and that you are being given the opportunity to do go good. Never think that you should be blessed with the opportunity of pious persons appearing in your dreams, that you should begin to have knowledge of things that are still going to occur, that you should be able to cry profusely or that you should become so engrossed in your worship that you are unaware of things. These things occur at times and at times they do not. If they do, express your gratitude to Allah Ta’laa. If they do not occur altogether, then do not be saddened. However, if Allah, forbid, you display any shortcoming in following the Shar’iah or commit any sin, then this is definitely something to be distressed about. You should immediately make an effort to your condition in order, inform your sheikh about it and act upon his advice.
  12. Do not be disrespectful to other sheikhs or other sufi orders. Nor should you address the murids of other sheikhs or other sufi orders by telling them that your sheikh is greater than his or that your sufi order is greater than his. By engaging in such unnecessary and foolish conversations the hearts begins to darken.
  13. If your sheikh pays more attention to a fellow murid, or if a fellow murid gains more benefit from his wazifahs and dhikrs, do not be jealous of him.

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