Salary For Deeni Services

Once Hadhrat Moulana Murtadha Hasan rahmatullahi alaih said to Hakeem-ul-Ummat Hadhrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi rahmatullahi alaih, ”Hadhrat, I feel uneasy earning a salary. It seems that by taking a salary one is selling Deen.” Hadhrat Thanwi rahmatullahi alaih replied: ”This should not be misconstrued as selling one’s Deen. In present times, one must draw a salary. By doing this, one will find that the work will be done with greater responsibility. By accepting remuneration, the work remains an amaanah, a duty to be fulfilled. Without taking a salary, one’s commitment remains questionable.”

Moulana Murtadha Hasan rahmatullahi alaih then mentioned: ”The benefits of taking a salary has been understood, but what is the cure for the doubt that remains i.e. taking a salary amounts to selling one’s Deen ?” In reply, Hadhrat Hakeemul-Ummat rahmatullahi alaih said: ”Consider the situation where a person is serving Deen. He earns a salary at a certain place which is sufficient for the fulfilment of his needs. Thereafter, he gets an offer to teach at another place for a higher salary but he will not necessarily render a greater service to Deen in the second place as compared to the first. Thus if the reason for transfer to the second place is based on monetary consideration, then this would amount to selling one’s Deen.”

With great anguish and remorse, I have to state that in this time and age our goal for serving Deen is nothing but attaining the dunya. Consequently in the present times, we will find Only a handful of individuals who are serving Deen solely for the sake of Deen itself. For this reason we find that a person after spending much time in one place, and no sooner does he receive an offer from another place for a higher Salary, he moves to the second place, even though there is a loss to the place that he has left and no extra Deeni work or benefit is rendered to the place that he is going to. (Aadaab-ul Mu‘allimeen, p. 21)

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