Who are the ones who certified an Apartheid Israeli chocolate? While Muslims globally speak of boycotting the Rogue Israeli products produced in a land which has news to give about how these terrorists have murdered babies and mothers brutally, there are some outfits who certify such products? Is it money that has caused their hearts to become so oblivious of our blessed lands. They released a long statement and in our phone calls have been caught red handed certifying the products in the first place and then claimed it was decertified. Our question to them, despite the carrion being fed killing the spiritual stamina of hundreds of thousands, your love for Palestine is not there? You still remain certifying other products manufactured in Israel though attempts have been made to cover the fact that these products are Israeli manufactured!

Remember the same situation with LGBTQ and Woolworths? Who ditched the Muslim Ummah? Who still remains certifying them despite the Muslim Ummah joining hands to boycott such despicable promoters?

Look again O Ummah! Who certified this Woolworths red wine vinegar product? They will whine about their wine certification but let’s ask you this, you continue to certify Woolworths despite their open statements on LGTBQ? After the Stumbo case which they really got caught stumbling infact they are the ones that need to be boycotted!

Can such a organization and ilk be trusted?

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