Slacken Worldly Ties

Reduce worldly possessions and expenditure. Be content with necessities. There are different classes of necessities:

i) Incumbent (Waajib): Such needs without which life is not possible.

ii) Pennissible: Such needs without which life is possible, but difficult. Possession of such items brings about comfort.

Some worldly possessions are such that fulfilment of needs are not dependent on such items. There is no difficultly without such possessions. However, one acquires them merely for happiness. If one can afford, then the acquisition of such items will also be permissible (although not encouraged).
Some worldly possessions are acquired for ostentation (riya) and to vie with others. Acquisition of this type is haraam.

If women acquire expensive garments, jewellery, etc. sincerely for the sake of their husbands and on condition these are affordable, and not to show others, then this is not sinful. But if they adorn themselves only for displaying themselves to others, then it will be haraam. The sign of a woman’s base intention in this regard is that at home she dresses shabbily, but when she leaves the house to attend to a function then she adorns herself in her best apparel and jewels. She then emerges as if she is a princess.

The classes described above apply to all types of worldly possessions-buildings, utensils, furniture, etc.

Malfoothaat of Moulana Ashraf Ali Thaanwi Rahmatullahi Alaihi Part 3, pg 32

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