Banning Modesty, Promoting Immorality

The humiliated figure named Satan does not want to stand alone. He has made it his life-long task to employ his agents from the Jinn kind and the Man kind. These agents following the commands of their boss implement these evil plans globally.

It comes as no surprise to the brains of leaders of many countries where they allow nude distracting billboards, at times videos, at times in a journey at one moment there are so many leaving the driver tempted to look at. Yet they are the very same ones to enforce and harp on the fact that drivers need to be safe and vigilant to avoid accidents.

Let’s analyze facts of 2022 in SA:

Released at the end of May, the Road Traffic Management Corporation’s (RTMC) State of Road Safety in South Africa (January 2022 to December 2022) notes that 12436 people died on South African roads last year. Of these fatalities, 5347 (or 43%) were pedestrians.

“Since 2013, 126546 people have died on our country’s roads. This is unacceptable and tragic, and while the RTMC notes that efforts have been made to improve the road safety environment, these are clearly not enough as our fatality rate only declines slightly year-on-year. Much more focus should be placed on road safety, especially by the RTMC, than what is currently being done,” notes the AA

“Our country has a culture of driving with impunity where drivers regularly flout the law because of a lack of consequences. Speeding, drunk driving, and texting while driving is commonplace because there is simply not enough law enforcement to curb it. We again call on the Department of Transport to urgently implement the recommendations of the 2019 Traffic Law Enforcement Review Committee which, among other interventions, called for the number of traffic law enforcers in the country to be doubled,” the AA says,or%2043%25)%20were%20pedestrians.

Our question is on the one hand alcohol is promoted on our billboards tempting men and women at every turn to purchase the killer intoxicant and then on the other hand there are complaints.  This foolish behaviour only exacerbates the problem.

Islam bans these problems from the roots:

1. Alcohol

Quran – Surah No. 5 المائدة
Ayah No. 90

O those who believe, the truth is that wine, gambling, altar-stones and divining arrows are filth, a work of Satan. Therefore, refrain from it, so that you may be successful.

Rasulullah ﷺ said,

“Alcohol is a collection of sins”

In Sunan Nasaai, Hadith 5666, it is mentioned

“avoid Khamr (Alcohol), for by Allah, faith and addiction to Khamr cannot coexist but, one of them will soon expel the other.”

Khamr (Alcohol) in Arabic lexically means to cover something. Khamr clouds the brains. Now he will do the ‘never thought of’ crimes. He will kill, rape and do more filth with the same gender or granny’s because he has lost his moral scruples.

2. Women

Once the gaze is fixed on something, the heart yearns for that. Complaining of ‘AIDS’ but having a look at the levels of nakedness promoted on billboards tell us there is a contradiction. Even the word “NAKED” is purposefully used to attract attention. How do we then control our young toddlers to say don’t look at all the nude displayed openly? The poison boxes used to have age restrictions but now on a wholesale level?

However the wise Muslim is not affected by the Satanism promoted. He or she just lowers their gazes and the concerned parents encourages their children in the backseat to be involved in reading or engaging in tasks reminding them of their Creator, Allah Ta’ala.

Their drunk culture promoted under the guise of Life Orientation and on their street billboards is to drink responsibly. Islam says don’t drink at all.

Their condom culture promotes billboards promoting protection. Islam says, do not even go close unless with your spouse in marriage.

Islam promotes a moral society.  They seek to spread immorality.

Rasulullah ﷺ said,
“When you don’t have modesty, then do as you please” (Bukhāri)

When all these distractions are screaming for the drivers attention, it really comes as a surprise that they still complain of drunk and distracted drivers. Yes, accidents do happen and Islam then gives solace for those tested but as for this intentional intoxication and promotion of nude openly, there can be no excuse but ignorance.

Our environments need to become child friendly, cleaner and safer! Share to spread the concern!

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