Hadhrat Moulana Shah Fazle-Rahmaan Ganj Muradabadi Rahmatullahi Alaihi told Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi Rahmatullahi Alaihi that he experienced such ecstacy during Sajdah, it was though Allah had expressed love for him. And when he recited the Quraan, he experienced such delight, that if you had to experience it, you would tear your clothing off and run to the jungle. He also said that when the damsels of Jannah come to him, he would say to them, “If you want to listen to the Quraan, you may sit, otherwise leave from here.”

Look at the thoughts of the Ahlullah and compare it to our thoughts. What a difference between our thoughts and theirs. They are the true lovers of The True Being. A Maulwi employed by the government and who received his salary from the state of Rampur came to Shah Saheb. Hazrat Shah Fazle- Rahman Rahmatullahi Alaihi was at the time delivering the lesson of Sahih Bukhari. In between, when the Moulwi got the opportunity, he told Shah Saheb that the Nawab of Rampur wanted to give him one hundred thousand rupees. Shah Saheb was extremely distressed. He said, ” O Maulwi Saheb, forget the hundred thousand rupees. Listen to what I have to say.”

Then he recited the following couplet (translated as follows):

“Whatever grace we see of His on the heart,

The heart becomes independent of all wealth”

In other words our hearts are not in need of the rupees of the Nawabs due to the torrential downpour of mercy that we see Allah sending upon our hearts. Whoever makes friends with the elephant trainer, has to enlargen his door because when the elephant trainer comes, he comes with his elephant. Thus Allah also makes the heart of the person very large who He grants a special radiance and closeness.

Moulana Rumi Rahmatullahi Alaihi says,

“The exterior of a Wali(Friend of Allah) can be so weak that

he cries out due to a misquito bite,

But his interior contains the seven heavens”

In short there is so much of delight in the name of Allah, that the tongue cannot express it in words. There was a Wali of Allah Ta’laa by the name of, Sai Tawakkul Shah Rahmatullahi Alaihi in Thana Bhawan. He used to tell Hazrat Thanwi Rahmatullahi Alaihi that he experienced so much pleasure in taking the name of Allah that his mouth would become sweet. He would swear and take oath that his mouth had indeed become sweet!

The Fruits Of Seeking Forgiveness- Arifbillah Hazrat Moulana Shah Hakeem Muhammed Akhtar Saheb Rahmatullahi Alaihi

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