When Abdullah Bin Taahir, the newly appointed governor arrived in the city of Nishapur, all the nobility and scholars came to welcome him. The entire city was involved in welcoming him for three days. Thereafter he asked if any of the prominent inhabitants of the city had not presented themselves to welcome him. He was informed that two persons – Ahmed Bin Harb and Muhammad Bin Aslam Tusi – had not come. The governor was curious to know the reason for their absence. He was told that both were Ulama Rabbaani who do not come forward to meet kings and rulers.

Abdullah Bin Taahir said, “If they do not come, I shall go meet them.” When the governor arrived at the residence of Hadhrat Ahmed Bin Harb  (rahmatullah alayh), he found him deep in contemplation. The governor stood waiting with respect. After some time, Hadhrat Ahmed Bin Harb lifted his head. Looking at the governor he (Ahmed) commented, “I have heard that you are very handsome. Now that I have seen you, I can say that you are more handsome then what I have heard. Listen! Do not despoil your handsomeness by contravening the laws of Allah Ta’aala”.

Governor Admits His Evil

Then Abdullah Bin Taahir went to the home of Hadhrat Muhammad Bin Aslam Tusi (rahmatullah alayh) however, the governor was not granted permission to enter. The governor remained standing with humility at the entrance of the house and said to himself, “He will have to come out for salaat. I shall then meet him.” He waited for a considerable time, then he mounted his horse and sat there waiting. It was Friday. At the time of Jumuah salaat, Hadhrat Tusi emerged from his home. On seeing Hadhrat Tusi, the governor immediately alighted from his horse. He went down and kissed the feet of Hadhrat Tusi, and he (the governor) overwhelmed with emotion supplicated, ”O Allah! He (i.e Hadhrat Tusi) detests me, for I am an evil person, but I love him because of his piety. O Allah! With Your kindness transform me in to a pious person by the virtue of this pious person.”

(Adapted from The Saadiqeen)

Lesson : Firmness of The True Ulama was pure propagation of the deen, The Ulama-e-Rabbani (Those Ulama who have made Allah Ta’laa their only objective)

Bowing down and compromising never led to the desired results. The Turner Of Hearts, Allah Ta’laa, is the One Who guides!

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