The Kitchen Of Allah Ta’laa

Once someone asked Hadhrat Haatim Rahmatullahi Alaihi:” From whence do you eat?” He responded:” From such a kitchen of Allah Ta’aala in which there is no fear of reduction.” Then the man retorted :” You eat from the wealth of people, which you aquire by deception.”

Hadrat Haatim said:” Did I ever eat from any of your wealth?” The man said :” No”. Hadhrat Haatim said:” Indeed it would be good if you become a Muslim.”

The man said:” You are unnecessarily disputing.” Hadrat Haatim said :” On the Day of Qiyâmah, Allah Ta’aala will demand proof from everyone. ” The man said:” All of this is idle talk”. Hadhrat Haatim said :” Do not think of this as idle talk, if Allah Ta’ala had not revealed these laws, then your mother would not have been lawful for your father.” Then the man said :” In all honesty, your sustenance (rizq) descends from the heavens?” Hadrat Haatim said :”

Forget about my rizq. The Rizq for the entire creation comes from the heavens. Just as Allah Ta’aala says in the Quraan Majeed :” In the heavens is your Rizq and what you have been promised.”

The man said :” I thought that your Rizq comes to you by entering through the window of your home. I desire that you lay down to enable me to see how your food comes to your mouth.”

On hearing this, Hadrat Haatim went to lay on the bed. He remained there for 2 years and his Rizq would come miraculously to him. Thereafter, the man repented and asked for naseehat advice. Hadrat Haatim said:” Banish having hopes on others , so that they too will have no hope in you. Worship Allah Ta’laa in such a manner that no one besides Allah and you are aware thereof. Wherever you are be of service to creation.”

The Saadiqeen

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