The Kufr Fatwa Explained

Hadhrat Moulana Zakariyyah Khandlewi, Sheikhul Hadith Rahmatullahi Alaihi solves this beautifully in “Al-Etidaal”,

“If only they use their thinking faculties they will have to admit that that the Ulema do not “make others into kaafirs by their fatwas.” All they do is to indicate who is a kaafir. This is so because if and when anyone rejects any of the essentials of the Deen, then through his own actions and free will and his own “enlightenment” or ignorance, he becomes a kaafir. This is whether anyone calls him a kaafir or not. If however, he has not up to now been a kaafir, he does not become one by someone calling him a kaafir. And if he has already become a kaafir (through his actions or statements or belief), then by no one calling him a kaafir he still does not remain a Muslim.

If any thought is given to this matter it will be found that he who indicates that anyone is a kaafir, is actually doing that person a favour by making him aware of the fact that such-and-such a thing takes one out of the fold of Islam, and puts him into kufr. If anyone truly is concerned about his deen, he should take note and become careful of his actions. When there is not enough confidence in the verdict of that Alim, one should then make inquiries from other authorities to ascertain whether the word of the former is correct or not. It is quite possible that the fatwa may be wrong. I also do not deny the fact that it may be wrong. But it is definitely not the case that it is always wrong.

In this respect there are some of those enlightened souls who hold the view that anyone under the influence of his western education or through ignorance of deen may say or do anything (contrary to faith) and that he should never be called a kaafir. This, I say, is wrong. This is not an act that is in the interest of the Ummat and will lead to other unacquainted ones becoming involved in acts of kufr. Hence those who do not like it that blasphemous views should be announced as kufr, do not want that warning to be given to people so that they may change their ways.

People nowadays scoff at the Ulema with statements like this that today kufr has become cheap and that everyone has entered into it. By so saying they try to divert the public from paying any attention to such verdicts being passed against anyone. Now for anyone not to react vehemently against blasphemy is in itself an indication of lack of interest in the deen, lack of faith in the say- ings of Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) and the jurists of this Um- mat.

Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) also said:

“A time of such dark mischief will appear from which no single man of the Ummat will escape.

When it will seem as if it has ended, another branch of evil will appear. In the morning a man will be a Muslim and by night he will be a kaafir. (And others will in the evening be Muslims and in the morning kaafirs). Such will it be that two groups will arise. The one will be comprised of pure Muslims among whom there will not be a spot of hypocrisy. The other will be comprised of hypocrites among whom there will not be a spot of Imaan. The Dajjaal will appear at that time.”(Mishkat, Abu Dawood)

Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) further said: “I now see hosts and hosts of people entering into the fold of Islam. Soon such a time will come when hosts and hosts of people will leave the fold of Islam.” (Durr Manthoor, Haakim, Daramy, Majma)

So we see that this “cheapness” and its appearance on such a widespread scale is not the creation of the Molvis, (as some would have us believe).

It has been clearly predicted by Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) -the bringer of the Shariat – himself in no uncertain terms. This being the case, is it not then of the utmost importance that with regard to our deen, great care be taken? It serves no purpose whatsoever to say that “this group calls that group kaafir and that group calls this group kaafir. And as such no one’s call- ing another a kaafir is of any sequence.”This does not remove any responsibility from our shoulders. In fact if one thinks carefully, one will find that the responsibility becomes increased. This is so because now one has to investigate those reasons wherefor the one calls the other a kaafir and in the light of knowledge of deen find out whether really a person becomes a kaafir because of those reasons. If it is then found to be really so, one is obliged to save oneself and others from this calamity. One does not become relieved of any responsibility by merely passing some jocular remark that today kufr has become very cheap. This kind of attitude does not achieve for us anything.”

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