The Maid Of Pharoah’s Daughter

It is mentioned in the book Raudatus Safa that Pharaoh’s daughter had a maid who was under her command and who used to comb her hair, etc. She had believed in Musa alaihis-salaam. However, she did not expose her iman out of fear for Pharaoh. Once while she was combing her (Pharaoh’s daughter’s) hair, the comb fell from her hand. When she bent down to pick it up, she recited Bismillah. The daughter asked her “What was it that you said just now? Whose name is that? She replied: “It is the name of the one who created your father and also gave hi

m a kingdom.” She became astonished and remarked: “Is there anyone greater than my father!” Saying this, she ran out to her father and related the entire incident to her Pharaoh became extremely angry, called for the maid, and threatened her.

However, she unhesitatingly said “Do whatever you wish, I will not leave my iman. Nails were fastened to her hands and feet and thereafter hot ash and embers were placed on her. When this had no effect on her, her child who was in her care was taken and thrown into the fire. While the child was in the fire, at said: “Mother! Be patient and don’t ever leave your iman.” She remained steadfast on her init until she was also thrown into that fire. In Surah al-Buruj, mention is made of a trench. In that story a similar incident took place between a mother and her child

Lesson: Look at how firm she remained on her iman. O, women! Iman is a very great bounty. Do not allow any shortcoming or defect in your imán and Deen on account of your desires, any motive or any difficulty. Don’t ever do anything contrary to the commands of Allah and His Rasul ﷺ

Bahishti Zewar

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