The Meaning Of Muhammad ﷺ

The name Muhammad ﷺ means ” One who is Praised ” and it appears 4 times inside the Qur’aan Kareem while the name Ahmed appears once. This unusual name of Muhammad ﷺ was never kept by anyone amongst the Arabs. According to a narration, when his mother Sayyidah Aaminah was still carrying him in her womb, she was given the glad tidings of his birth and was commanded I a dream to name him Muhammad. Seven days after his birth, his grandfather Abdul Muttalib invited the quraish to n aqeeqah ( feast on the birth of a baby), in honour of Nabi ﷺ and announced that the new born babies name is Muhammad. Those present remarked,” O Abul Haarith, why have you chosen such a name that was never kept by anyone.from your ancestors or from your tribe? Abdul Muttalib replied,” I have named him thus, so that Allah in the heavens, and the creation of Allah on the earth may praise him” (Fathul Baari)

The reason why Abdul Muttalib chose this name was due to a dream he had before the noble birth of Nabi ﷺ. In the dream he saw a chain being suspended from his back and one end of the chain reached the heavens while another end reached the earth. Another end reached the east and another end reached the west. Then, this chain changed into a tree who leaves were a noor that was seventy times brighter then the light of the sun. The people of the east and wet were all clinging to this tree and likewise some people from the Quraysh too were clinging to it, while others from the Quraysh were intending to citizens ot down. Each time they attended to approach it a young handsome man prevented them from doing so. The interpreters of the dream informed Abdul Muttalib that ” a son will be born in your progeny who will be followed by the people of the east and the west and he will be Praised by those in the heavens amd the earth. (Raudhul Unuf, Madaarij)

It was from amongst the miracles of Nabi ﷺ, and a sign of his prophethood, that Allah Ta’ala himself protected and preserved this name for His Beloved Nabi ﷺ. Allah Ta’ala blocked the hearts amd minds of people from ever imagining such am unusual name before this and therefore no one had ever kept it for their children, hence the remarks of astonishment by the Quraysh to Abdul Muttalib. No one ever kept a name near to this name.

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