The Mother of Imaam Rabi’atur Ray

He is also was a very great alim. Imam Malik Rahmatullahi and Hasan Basri RahmatullahiAlaihi, who are very well known, were his students. His father’s name is Farukh. His father was employed as a soldier during the caliphate of the Banû Umayyah. He was sent out to fight in many battles. His wife was expecting Rabi’atur Ra’y while the father was away in battle. The father was away for 27 years. In the meantime, the son was born and became a great ‘älm. When the father was departing to go into battle, he gave his wife 30 000 gold coins. This courageous mother spent all this money in the child’s education. When the father returned after 27 years, he asked her about the gold coins. She replied that all are kept safely. In the meantime, Rabi’atur Ra’y was busy teaching Hadith in the musjid. When the father went to the musjid, he noticed the scene before him and saw that his son has developed a massive following. He could not control himself out of extreme happiness. When he returned home, his wife asked him: “Tell me what is better. The 30 000 gold coins or this great bounty (referring to their son, Rabi’atur Ra’y)? Of what value are those gold coins?” When she informed him that she used all that money for her son’s education, he was overjoyed and said: “I swear by Allah that you have not wasted those gold coins.”

Lesson: Have you seen what type of women these were! How they valued Dini knowledge that this woman spent 30 000 gold coins for her son’s Dini education O, women! You too should not worry about how much you spend (on your children’s Dini education). In whatever way you can, make sure that they acquire Dini knowledge.

Bahisti Zewar

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