The Name of Allah Ta’alaa Strikes Fear

This summarizes the world we living in. When you paint the beautiful name of Allah Ta’ala in the skies then you will be considered a terrorist or it will labelled a hate crime.

When this Muslim will defend themselves from years of terrorist attacks they will be considered the ‘terrorist’ but let a US civilian stab a six year old Palestinian boy 26 times and he is only considered a ‘suspect’.

The six year old was ruthlessly murdered for being Muslim? His Mum could not attend because she was stabbed too!

Referred to as a ‘Suspect’:

These are the double standards! Palestinians went to seek refuge in the US only to get stabbed there!

The Muslim understands this value of Imaan therefore he is not worried because the Hereafter is filled with concrete promises. The terrorised who pass away with Imaan are transferred to a realm which is filled with eternal bliss. This Faith in Allah Ta’ala sends Shockwaves to the West leaving them in a confused state. He loses everything and he is happy?

Quran – Surah No. 36 يس

Ayah No. 26

Translation:(Thereafter when his people killed him,) it, was said to him, ” Enter the Paradise”. He said,” Would that my people knew

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