The Real Scholars

Hakeemul-Ummah, Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi Rahmatullahi alaihi states,

“However the reality is that all are not Ulamaa, but the real Ulamaa are only those that are not governed by the leaders, (rather what) governs them is the demands of the Shari’ah And those Ulamaa who ardently follow the leaders, their reality is such, Wallahi, if the leaders changes their opinions then these Ulamaa will gradually also incline towards to that albeit in an intelligent sly manner such that the innocent masses will not realize this gradual altering of their verdicts till it would be directly in bed with the opinions of the leaders

There are two reasons they do this:

1) Fear of being disowned from them thereby losing fame Proof of this is that the manner in which the masses disgrace those Ulamaa who do not the support the (Government) following) Ulamaa

2) Due to maintaing a healthy bank balance, they are (in bed) the with the government for if we (they) are not participants with their movements then donations to the Madressah would stop. Nobody would assist the Madressah.

One Aalim wrote to me stating that the result of disconnecting oneself from (supporting) their (governments and leaders) affairs will leave you (standing) alone. Nobody will be with you! I responded by stating, ” Sufficient is my connection with Allah Ta’laa and there is absolutely no need to stand with anyone.

Curse is that wealth and fame in which the objective is to please creation. The status of Muslims is that they should only keep the pleasure of Allah Ta’laa infront of them, not being bothered of a single soul! If the creation  expels him thereby  labeling  him insane but Allah Ta’laa is pleased with him then all kingdom belongs to Him alone even. Even if he is a lunatic, the question is whose lunatic is he? Sleep overcomes a person due to severe hunger however sleep also overcomes a person due to eating too much.

Similarly a person is labeled a lunatic due to not possessing intelligence and some have become lunatics due the domination of intelligence, leaving them intoxicated (in a world of their intelligence) These people have presented the rectifiers in the form of masaala(spice). The best way to rectify them is:

Please One! “

Extracted from Barakaat-e-Ramaadhan- Khutubaat Hakeemul Ummah, Page 315 , Vol 16

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