There are two forces constantly at war with one another, namely, The Angels and The Devils. One wishes you refrain from evil and the other wishes you suffocate in transgression and the victory of either group is dependent on your intention

Your intention determines who would overpower who. If you intend to commit sin then understand the pure angels retract and they will not beable to overpower the devils team, on the flip side, if you intend to steer clear of sin then the team of devils will be overpowered. They will never be-able to overpower the team of angels.

Grief be to the fact, that you possess such a powerful tool (intention) yet you proclaim with a face of sorrow, “I am overpowered when it comes to refraining from sin”

Extracted from the teachings of Maulana Ashraf Ali Thaanwi رحمه الله

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