The Secret Of Muslim Progress

O Muslims! For progress, study the cause underlying the progress of Muslims (the Sahaabah and the early Muslims). Never look at the cause of the worldly progress of the kuffaar. The spiritual disposition of every nation is different. It is not necessary that a method which is beneficial for one nation will also be beneficial for all other nations. Things which are beneficial for a cultured man of elevated disposition will not necessarily be beneficial for a rustic of rough habits. After having embraced Islam your disposition became cultured and elevated. Therefore, the things which benefit the kuffaar will not benefit you. Your similitude is like that of a topi (headgear). If the topi becomes slightly soiled, it is removed and discarded. If shoes become impure, they are not discarded. (One continues walking with impure shoes). Allah Ta’ala dislikes seeing you in the state of impurity. If you become soiled (with sin), you are immediately apprehended and punished (as clothes are being purified). On the contrary, regardless of the degree of contamination with which the kuffaar become polluted, it is tolerable. Obedience to the Shariat is the cause for true honour of Muslims.

Malfoothaat of Moulana Ashraf Ali Thaanwi Rahmatullahi Alaihi, Part 3 pg 42

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