The Smell of Shirk

Hadhrat Moulana Maseehullah Khan Rahmatullahi Alaihi said in a gathering:

“There is still the smell of shierk being emitted! It must not happen that this smell of shierk should spread and on his side this person is completely unconcerned!.

Listen carefully to this incident related by Hadhratwálá (Hadhrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thaanwi Rahmatullahi Alaihi) ponder over it.

There was a certain molví sáhib staying in Makkah mu’azzamah. He fell ill and passed away and was buried in Jannatul-Málá, the qabrastán of Makkah mu’azzamah.

Those going for hajj usually go to several places for ziyárat and one such place being Jannatul-Málá as well, where the hajis recite fátihah at the graves. Nowadays, there are certain restrictions, but in those days there was full permission to visit by day or night.

One such group of hajís, proceeding in this way, stopped at a certain grave to recite fátihah, when the thin top-covering of the grave suddenly caved in, revealing the body lying inside.

Looking into the grave, what did the people see? To their utter amazement, lying inside, they saw the body of a young Christian lady! What is this? No non-Muslims are even allowed into Makkah mu’azzamah. For them to stay there is forbidden. They had never heard of such a thing! So, how could a Christian girl come to be buried here?

In this group of hajis was present also a certain molvísáhib who was looking intently at the corpse. He recognised her. “This girl is from Franc he exclaimed in astonishment. Is my voice reaching you, brothers? – So, learn a lesson,

“O you who have insight”

فَاعْتَبرُوا يَا أُولي الأبصار

The Molvisáhib continued: “This girl is from France and the Dín was taught to her. She had secretly become a Muslim. She passed away in my presence and she was subsequently buried there in France. How did she come to be here?”

On hearing this, some of the onlookers spoke up: “But a certain local molvisáhib was buried in this grave. And you are telling us that this girl passed away in France and that she was buried there! And her body now lies transposed here! It seems reasonable to suppose, then, that the molvisáhib’s body has been transposed from here to France! This matter requires further investigation.”The group proceeded to the house of the deceased molvísáhib. One person went ahead and knocked on the door. The widow came to answer the knock. He asked of her: “Your husband, the late molvísáhib, can you tell us about him?”

She replied:

“He was a very good man, má-shá-Alláh! He kept a beard and he was regular with his namáz and rozas.”

The spokesman enquired further: “You did not take note of anything unusual? Just think a bit!”

The widow appeared perturbed: “But why are you asking?”

The spokesman tried to reassure her: “Nothing really. But just try and think a bit.”

The poor widow complied and started thinking deeply. After some thought she spoke – listen very carefully now!

She said: “One thing comes to mind.When in need of ghusl after janábat, my husband definitely used to bath(as required by the Shari’at.) Yes, he definitely did perform this nék amal(good deed). However, at the same time he used to comment that if Islám did not have this order to make ghusl after janabat, it would have been a very good thing.”

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