The Straightforwardness of Hakimul Ummah

Discourses of Hakimul Ummat Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (Rahmatullahi Alaihi)

Discourse Number: 376

I cannot compromise the essential rights of the service to the disciples merely due to uneasy feeling.In a series of conversations, he once said:Sometimes, I am tempted to think that people might perceive me as arrogant, someone who behaves arrogantly towards those who come to me. However, by the grace of Allah, it doesn’t affect me in the least. Whatever they may think, I do not act with the intention of seeking approval from those who think about me.

I consider the interests of those who come to me, even if someone interprets it as arrogance and retaliates with contempt. Because of these thoughts, I cannot betray the essential rights of the disciples; it is something I cannot do, as I see it as treachery.

In a gathering of scholars, I once mentioned that I am neither arrogant nor falsely humble. I am a truthful person who speaks the truth. Sometimes there is a tinge of arrogance, and sometimes humility, but my state of mind is entirely open; I do not want to hide it. If I do hide it, it would only be to deceive someone, and I seek forgiveness from Allah for that.

Only those who appreciate this state of mine should maintain a relationship with me and come to me, and those who do not appreciate it should not maintain a relationship with me. I hardly invite anyone. I can hardly impose myself on anyone. I cannot abandon the correct principle of Tasfiyah (purification) and Tarbiyah (education) due to the desire of attracting people and earning a good name; that would be a form of flattery.These kinds of misunderstandings and doubts have hindered the scholars from bringing about reformation and have ruined the morality of the common people.

Are these groups merely for visitations and handshakes, and is it their only official positions? It is a blatant betrayal to adopt such a way in which, even after witnessing the corruption and destruction of others’ morals and actions, one does not speak up and intervene based on one’s own interests.

Discourses of Hakimul Ummat: Part 5, Page 79

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