The Tongue

Nabi ﷺ has mentioned, “Every morning the limbs in one’s body plead to the tongue, ‘ O servant of Allah! Fear Allah for our sake, for we are with you. If you are straight, then we will also be straight and if you are crooked then we will also be crooked” (Mishkaat Shareef, Vol 2, Pg 413 with reference to Tirmidhi)

Nabi ﷺ “At times a man utters a statement that invites the wrath of Allah Ta’laa without him even realising it and this will eventually be a cause for him being placed in the very depths of Jahannam” (Mishkaat Shareef, Vol 2 with reference to Bukhaari)

Note: From the last two ahaadeeth, we learn that safeguarding the tongue is of extreme importance. Not paying heed to the manner of its usage is a cause of great loss. It appears in a hadeeth:

أتدرون ما أكثر ما يدخل الناس النار الأجوفان الفم و الفرج

There are two chief reasons for people entering Jahannam. One is the tongue and the other is the private organs

(Malfoozaat, Faqeehul Ummat- Volume 1)

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