Traitor ‘Muslims’ Shaking Hands with Blood Thirsty Zionist’s

Palestinian President Mahmood Abbaas dressed in his suit enjoys the comforts of this temporary life and puts our Muslim hospitals, babies, mother’s and grannies on a platter for the West to mince.

Recently the inhumane individual had a meeting with Biden’s side kick, Anthony Blinken who is running from pillar to post with claims of a peace process but then at the same time the US equips the Rogue Regime to murder and bomb hospitals.

PA Mahmood Abbas shaked hands with Anthony Blinken saying:

At this juncture it is equally important to know who are those dressed in thobes sitting on the same tables with the Chief Zionist in South Africa. Listen to his statements regarding Palestine. Can a Muslim still share platforms with such a brutal soul who calls our Palestinians an ‘evil foe’ and speaks in favour of Apartheid Israel killing our people.

Allah Ta’ala grant our Palestinian’s salvation and rescue them from this horrendous attack by the Zionist. May Allah Ta’alaa give us the light to recognize the light of Islam, hidāyah and destroy the enemies of Islam!

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