Allah has Stated, “Do not regard yourself as pure. He knows Best who is the most pious.” Regarding one’s self and one’s own actions as good is the quality of the disbelievers. A hadith sharif states, “Three qualities are destructive: greed which is pursued, desires which are acted upon, and a man who is pleased with himself.”

Abdullah ibn Masud Radhiyallahu Anhu said, “Destruction is in two matters: becoming despondent and self admiration.” Destruction is found in these two because a person who is despondent does not seek success due to his loss of hope; and a vain person also does not seek success because he feels that he has already attained it. Once Aishah Radhiyallahu Anha was asked, “When will a person be regarded as evil?” She replied, “When he thinks that he is good.”

A man once looked towards Bishr ibn Mansûr Rahmatullahi Alaihi while he was engaged in lengthy salah and other acts of devotion. When he had terminated, he remarked, “Do not be deceived by these actions which you saw me performing. Iblis worshipped Allâh Taٝ’laa and performed salah for thousands of years, but then we are all aware of his final condition.” In short, it is not the quality of a believer to regard his acts of worship as worthy. Firstly, he does not know whether it is accepted or not. Secondly, one does not know what one’s final moments in this world will be, and all actions will be accepted only if he left this world with iman.


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