The Mashaaikh say that Allah Ta’laa had two Yayha’s. One among the Ambiya, viz., Hadhrat Nabi Yayha (Alaihis Salaam), and one among the Auliya, viz. Hadhrat Yayha Mu-aaz Raazi (Rahmatullahi Alaihi).

Hadhrat Yayha Muaaz (Rahmatullahi Alaihi), addressing his Mureeds, said:

Remember that abandonment of Uboodiyat and Ibaadat is Dhalaalat (deviation from Siraatul Mustaqeem), Khauf (Fear for Allah Ta’laa) and Raja’ (Hope in Allah Ta’laa) are two fundamentals of Imaan. The Khaa-if (the one in whom khauf is dominant) worships for the fear of being discarded by Allah Ta’laa, and the Raaji’ (the one in whom raja’ is dominant), worships in the hope of reaching the destination by Allah Ta’laa.

Remember that as long as Ibaadat is not proper, neither will khauf be proper nor raja’. When Ibaadat is proper, the Saalik is then not without khauf and raja’.

His Brother’s Three Wishes

Hadhrat Yayha Mu-aaz (Rahmatullah Alayh) had a brother who had settled in Makkah Muzzamah. Once his brother sent him a letter. In the letter he wrote:

“I had wished for three things. Two wishes have already been fulfilled. Make dua that the third wish is also fulfilled, My first wish was to settle in a holy place. The holiest place is the Ka’bah. Now that I have reached Makkah Muazzamah, this wish has been fulfilled.
My second wish was to have a servant to assist me. This too has been fulfilled,
My third wish is to see you before my Maut. Make dua for the fulfillment of this wish as well.”

Hadhrat Yahya Muaaz wrote back:

“Regarding your first wish, you, yourself, should become the holiest of creation, then live in any place of your choice. Remember that place become holy because of men of holiness, A man does not become holy because of a place.
Regarding your second wish, if you had honour and dignity and integrity, you would not have made Allah’s slave your slave thereby preventing the slave from serving Allah Ta’laa. You, yourself should become a servant, not wishing to be served, Remember that Makhdoomi (to be served) is an attribute to Allah Ta’laa, and khaadmi (to be servant) is an attribute of the slave. A slave should remain a slave. When a slave desires for the attribute of Allah Ta’laa, then he becomes a Fir’oun.
Regarding your wish to see me, it appears that you are oblivious (ghaafil) of Allah Ta’laa. If you were aware of Allah Ta’laa, never would you have thought of me. It is incumbent for you to cultivate such companionship with Allah Ta’laa which will efface the remembrance of your brother from your mind. For his love, the son is to be sacrificed, leave alone the brother. If you have attained Him, then what benefit will you gain from me? And, if you have not attained Him, then of what benefit can I be to you?”

“The world is a dream, and the Aakhirat is awakefulness. If in a dream you see yourself crying, it means that in the Aakhirah you will be happy and laughing. Therefore, you required to cry in this world which is a dream to ensure happiness in the Aakhirat”

Hadhrat Yahya Muaaz Rahmatullahi Alayh

Source: The Saadiqeen

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